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To the core of your Recovery!

When sporting activities or simple daily activities are limited by pain, you want to feel better and fast! 

Differential Diagnosis


Goal Driven

Tips to Speed Recovery

Exercise Prescription

Manual Therapy

Myofascial Release

Joint Mobilization

Active Release Technique (ART)



1:1 treatment with physical therapist

Core Dynamics Physical Therapy offers a personalized evaluation and plan of action to get you feeling better. We spend over an hour getting to know you and examining you with differential diagnostic tests as well as movement tests specific to your goals. You will leave the evaluation with an improved understanding of your pain, tips to maximize healing time, and specific exercise prescription to meet your goals.  You will also leave feeling better as each evaluation includes treatment such as manual work (therapeutic massage, myofascial release, joint mobilization, ART), taping, cupping, and exercises to decrease pain. 

Each follow-up visit is one hour one-on-one with your physical therapist with both hands-on manual work and exercise progression. There are no aides or assistants over-seeing this important component of treatment. Being out-of-network allows us to spend this quality time with you. At the end of your service, you will receive an invoice, which can be submitted to your insurance for consideration of reimbursement. 

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